Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The latest news :)

This past Friday, I had a meeting with Bug's teacher, special education teacher and the Speech Therapist to go over the Speech Evaluation. Well, Bug does indeed qualify for Speech Therapy services. It seems that he has a communication disorder that effects his educational performance. (Yes, I copied that from the written report, I don't normally talk in those "official" terms, lol!) Basically, Bug has a hard time communicating at times, and that will be a negative impact on his education. She will also address memory recall and why things are alike/different, problem solving, sequencing and reasoning skills.

So, with all of this new information, I am a little overwhelmed. I knew that this meeting was coming, of course, since I signed the consent forms for the Speech Evaluation, but man is it overwhelming! As a Mom of a special needs child, you learn to take things as they come and try not to get too crazy with the details and such, but sometimes you just want to put your child in a bubble! I started worrying about the fact that he is only in school 3 1/2 hours a day and now he is going to be pulled out of the classroom twice per week for 30 minutes each time and once more a week with Occupational Therapy. What is he going to miss during that time? I spoke with his Special Education teacher over the weekend and she let me know that Mrs. P. is really good at working with Speech/Occupational Therapy and that he would not miss anything. She also said that Bug is not behind unlike some other children who get pulled away and they need every last second of instructional time they can get. So, I am feeling very fortunate that he is smart.

I got Bug's first Speech homework assignment today and I am looking forward to sitting him down to go over the work. I really hope that he has positive results from everything that he has going on right now. Don't worry, I will keep you update :)