Monday, May 16, 2011

Warning! Lots to say!

WARNING! I haven't posted in a bit, so this will be a long post. I can feel it coming...

As much as I love summer vacation, I am really sorry to see this school year end. Bug's kindergarten graduation is just a couple weeks away and I am already tearing up about it...Our county is one of the few that has half day kindergarten, so I have enjoyed this year since I still have my baby part of the day! Next year, he will be at school all day and I dread it! Not only that, Bug has a hard time with change/transition, so we will have to spend all summer talking about and getting him ready for his new teachers and being there all day.

And, he is going to have to eat lunch at school, him being "Mr. Picky" when it comes to eating due to his texture sensitivities, that will be very difficult. I do have to give him some praise though, he has never liked frozen foods because they were too cold for him. In the last two weeks, he has decided that he wants/likes vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Yay! Just in time for summer! I will probably gain 5 pounds back, because I am so excited and I have been stopping for us to have ice cream cones. Oh well, will just have to double up on my jazzercise workouts.

Another praise! Bug had been coughing and having drainage for almost two weeks. I took him to his doctor and she said that he is probably having seasonal allergies and prescribed him some Claritin Redi-tabs. Bug is the worst at taking medicines, so my first thought was "yeah right, he won't take these!" when I picked them up from the pharmacy. You know the good thing about having a kid that loves to play the wii? I bribed him with the wii and told him that if he takes his medicine good, then I will give him some wii time. We have to "chase" it with kool aid or some kind of snack, but he is putting it in his mouth and using his chaser to help get past the taste. That is so totally awesome!!!

Saying good bye to this year's teachers is not going to be an easy task. Last week was teacher appreciation week at Bug's school and I sent them a little gift everyday. I wanted to show them how much we really have appreciated their patience and understanding, especially those days that he was not having a good day. No one has to tell me how difficult he can be to manage when he is not having a good day. I have been so pleased with how good a year that Bug has had this year. I worry about how well his teacher will be next year with dealing with him. I am so relieved to know that he will still have his same special education teacher and Occupational and Speech therapist, so that gives me some peace.

So, maybe the post hasn't been as long as I thought it would be, but still pretty long. So, bear with me this summer! My posts might be a little crazy since I have so much anxiety coming up! I am gonna needs lots of prayers :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy around here. We finally decided that it was time to get Bug a dog. We have been asking around to see if someone had some poodle puppies, but no takers. I got an email from an old friend about a golden doodle, so we went to check out this dog and Hunter was a little afraid because this dog was pretty big. It was too big for us and Bug was dissappointed, but he understood that she was too big. We decided to stop at Petsmart and the Humane Society had some dogs there. Bug went straight to this cute little fellow and he turned to us and said "I want that one, I want to "dopt" him!" He kept saying that over and over and didn't want anyone else looking at him. So, they took him out of the cage and we went over to spend some time with him. Bug immediately fell in love, so we ended up adopting him. He is a yorkshire terrier and such a cutie. They said that he was a stray, so no information could be given except that he was a year old. He definately was an inside dog, because he was already potty trained. We have been very lucky. Bug loves him very much and has really seemed to help Bug when he is overwhelmed. We are very thankful for our many blessings.