Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School adventures...

Wow! I knew that I had not posted in awhile, but didn't realize just how long. It is not that I don't have anything to post about, it is the opposite, I have so much to post about! I went back to work in September and life around our house has been quite crazy...

Luckily, Bug has taken it pretty well having Mommy going to work outside of the home. I am a classified substitute for the school system, so lucky for me, I can always say no to a job if I need too. That has happened quite a few times, sometimes things just can't be helped. It has been great though, I am at Bug's school alot of the time and can be reached fairly easily if I am needed.

Bug's ARC meeting at school was last week. I was very concerned because I found out the night before the meeting that they were thinking about placing Bug into the PASS program at school. If you don't know what PASS is, it is a program for dealing with the children that have emotional and behavior disorders. I couldn't understand why they wanted to place him in that program, because I didn't know that there was any problems. What I found out was that when Bug has to move his popcorn (it is part of their discipline, they lose part of their recess), he gets so undone and upset that he cannot function for a while. It takes a long time to get him focused back on the task at hand and can disrupt class time. They wanted to try PASS by giving him that extra chance before moving his popcorn. I have to say that I didn't foresee PASS as being a good resolution for that. I feared that he would only be labeled as a PASS kid and that would follow him the remainder of his school years. So, we decided that they would attempt the PASS colors and see how that would work for him and not place him in that program. I hope that it does help, but I still think he will be upset when they move him from green to yellow the same as moving his popcorn. I know that this is confusing, but it is kind of difficult to explain what the colors mean.

He is having difficulty staying on task in the classroom and trying to stay in his seat. The OT and I discussed maybe how a weighted vest might help and she is going to try using one at school and see if that helps. He loves his weighted blanket and lap mats, so maybe this could be beneficial. Will just have to wait and see.

Now, if only we could get him over this illness that he has had since mid-October...He seems to be catching every single bug that is going around. We can't seem to get him well. He has been to the doctor 8 times since October 13. Ear infections, sinus infections, allergies, you name it! He has had this same cough since the beginning. Poor little guy, makes me wish I could just home school! I have to give his teachers a lot of credit, I couldn't home school...he would drive me insane...but I still love my little bug :)