Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another journey

My little Bug and I have been very busy. I started a new job in August working at an elementary school in the Highly Structured Classroom. I work with Special Needs children and have to say that I LOVE IT! I have learned so much, but still wasn't prepared for the news that I received at Bug's ARC meeting at school this year. I can't say that I was surprised about anything, after all, no one knows my child any better than me. It just wasn't something I was expecting to hear from someone else. I have noticed that Bug has been having a hard time socially. We have had difficulties at church and I also noticed something strange at a friends house one day. So, when the OT let me know that she thinks that I need to get Bug further evaluated, I wasn't surprised. It also wasn't the first time that I have heard this. His pediatrician suggested this to me back in January, but I wasn't ready and didn't totally agree at the time. I asked the OT what exactly was she thinking that I needed to get him evaluated for. She told me that she is almost certain that he is on the Spectrum...What is the Spectrum, you ask? Autism Spectrum Disorder - needless to say, my heart sunk to the floor. So, I asked if she was thinking maybe Asperger's? She said that she thinks it is possible. Apparently, he has been having a hard time playing games and getting upset if his team doesn't win or if he doesn't get picked to the team that he likes, etc. This is just a brief description of what goes on with him at school. His inability of communicating hasn't gotten any better. His handwriting skills are sorely lacking. I could go on and on... So, I called the pediatrician and we had a long talk about it all and she wholeheartedly agreed that there are some concerns that need to be addressed and she is working on getting him scheduled to see a Psychiatrist to have him evaluated to see if he has a type of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please pray for us during this time. We need lots of prayers! I know that no matter what happens and what diagnosis that we receive, my little Bug is still my sweet, loving, adorable child that I would die for. I just hate that things are so difficult for him and worrying that they are going to be more difficult in the future. I hate that he has to work so much harder than other kids in his class. I am thankful that he got the best 2nd grade teacher that he can get. Of course, I am biased since she is one of my best friends and she treats Bug like one of her own. She really takes care of him and me and she has already been wonderful with the recent news that we received. I will keep you posted on what we find out, hopefully it will be very soon.

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